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This unique team, led by Cherry Hepburn, comprises a truly successful professional group. With more than 35 years of experience, Putnam & Smith possesses exceptional skills to successfully publish & distribute your book, with the accompanying media services of our public relations company, Putnam & Smith Public Relations Company.


Putnam & Smith Publishing Company offers an array of publishing services from concept, editing, design, to distribution and promotional services allowing us to transform promising manuscript ideas into great and memorable works of fiction and non-fiction.


From cookbooks to true crime novels to beautifully photographed décor books, Putnam & Smith Publishing Company endeavors to produce high quality works that appeal to audiences both young and old.


Our commitment is to produce great books…Good books sell; great books become best sellers.


The Putnam & Smith Team:

Cherry Hepburn:  cherry@putnam-smith.com

Marine Bekyan: marine@putnam-smith.com 

Alex Garafalo: alex@putnam-smith.com

Annette Ward: annette@putnam-smith.com


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Great writers.   Great stories.   Great books.


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Great writers. Great stories. Great books.

Putnam & Smith Publishing Company specializes in book development, publishing, distribution, public relations and promotion of authors and titles.




















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